Dan Tarman, SVP and CCO, eBay: Power List 2017

2017 rank: 24

Dan Tarman, SVP and CCO, eBay: Power List 2017

I have known Dan for nearly 10 years. I met him when he started at Visa as head of issues management, and I was a consultant to the company.

At Visa, he quickly earned the reputation of being smart, analytical, strategic, a raspberry tea drinker, turtleneck sweater wearer, a hallway shuffler, and a guy you wanted on your team.

Dan’s rise to the CCO of eBay and his leadership roles along the way at Countrywide and Pimco are unsurprising.

He brings smarts and expertise to the job, but he also brings heart. He brings passion for what he is doing, the company he works for, the people on his team, and whatever issues he is battling. The love he has for his wife and two boys has only made this passion more intense and his heart bigger.

These days, I cross paths with Dan often — at industry events, Davos, and various Bay Area gatherings. I am always very happy to see him to discuss the latest communication trends, lament about common issues across eBay and Alibaba or the impact of the latest political environment, or just generally get some good advice and vibes from one of the best in our industry.

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