Problems are bleached away in Clorox video series starring miniature figures

Clorox uses short stories to communicate how every room in a house has an occasion where bleach can be used to clean up messes.

Problems are bleached away in Clorox video series starring miniature figures

Company: The Clorox Company
Campaign: Clorox Miniatures Bleach Videos
Agency mix: Ketchum (PR AOR), Critical Mass (digital agency partner)
Duration: March - May 2017
Budget: $200,000

A woman comes home to find her dog had an accident on the rug; a young boy donning an ironic shirt that says, "I get better every time," makes a mess in the bathroom; a mother splashes coffee onto her robe after being startled by her son; a baby confuses mealtime for playtime and splatters his parents in pasta sauce.  

These scenes are acted out by miniature figures in four videos that make up Clorox’s Miniatures Series, meant to showcase situations that can be salvaged by bleach.

Clorox and Ketchum, the brand's PR AOR, began planning for the campaign in June 2016.

"The major goal for this campaign was to highlight all the versatile uses for a legacy product like Clorox Regular-Bleach, while connecting cleaning to young families and older millennials," explained Adam Rosenberg, The Clorox Company’s group PR and digital manager. "We wanted to showcase new ways we’re using social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to tell our story in a format different than what we might have on television."

The campaign team honed their focus on creating content that would articulate that nearly every room in a house has an occasion where bleach can be used to clean up messes. The team came up with the idea of communicating short stories through the use of stop-motion animation using miniatures.

Connecting with consumers on social media was a major aim of the campaign efforts. The brand also wanted to create a call-to-action for people to utilize as a primary source for cleaning tips.

Critical Mass, the brand's digital agency, took the lead on video production to help bring the idea of Clorox miniatures to life.

On March 28, the Clorox miniatures brand videos went live on Facebook and YouTube. The video content linked social fans and YouTube viewers back to product and cleaning tips pages on Clorox’s website.

The videos feature several messy situations around the household that would be alleviated by the use of bleach. The intent was for the videos to be effective when viewed with or without sound.

"We needed the cleaning occasions to be easy to understand and communicate the disinfecting power of bleach without having the benefit of words or text on screen," said Rosenberg. "With most social videos being viewed with the sound off, this was even more important."

Social users were encouraged to share the videos and engage with the brand using the hashtag #CloroxMeansClean. Additionally, the campaign team used a paid strategy to help increase the visibility of the videos.

"We used paid advertising on Facebook to drive people to the videos and a Clorox cleaning tips website," added Rosenberg.

The Clorox miniatures bleach videos have been viewed on Facebook and YouTube more than 1.3 million times in total.

The videos also did well to help the brand engage with fans on social media, thanks in part to the brand's paid social strategy. The brand videos had an engagement rate of 11.57%, with more than 1 million people interacting with the content via likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs to the Clorox website.

Campaign efforts garnered about 18.4 million media impressions, measured by the number of times the content was displayed across social and traditional outlets.

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