2 minutes with Marie Leggette, aka The Curvy Fashionista

The Curvy Fashionista says brands miss a trick by focusing solely on numbers

2 minutes with Marie Leggette, aka The Curvy Fashionista

Talk about a campaign you worked on with a brand.
I did a video with Silver Jeans Co, which was introducing new silhouettes to its plus-size consumer. I was showing the stretch with splits and high kicks. They let me do what I do best. I got over 100,000 views. [Brands] are able to tap into more creativity when you let the influencer do the creating.

Some brands are worried about working with influencers after what went down with Pewdiepie and James Charles. What’s your take?
Brands need to do their homework. If you look at some of these influencers, they are known for being sassy. So don’t just be attracted to the numbers, but also consider the reputation. Are they likeable? Dig deeper to make sure their core values align with your brand.

Of 400 influencers who promoted the disastrous Fyre Festival, few acknowledged they were getting paid. After something like this, how can influencers be trusted?
When you see something you have to ask if they are getting paid for it. Transparency and disclosure are key. Some in the industry on the professional side will do everything they can to make [an influencer’s post] look organic without the disclosure. I won’t work with [brands like that] because they are trying to skirt the disclosure. Trust is all I have with my readership. Once I violate that, it becomes an issue. It is important for me to stay true to myself, my brand, and my readers. They are the reason I am here.

Is the African-American voice on social media largely ignored by brands?
A lot of time you don’t see the African-American voice in campaigns, although we have over $4 trillion buying power. You hardly ever see more than one. We represent a variety; we are not just one type of person. There are so many different types of influencers. Brands need to go wider than just numbers. If it’s a beauty campaign, why not have a plus-size blogger of color, why not have a petite blogger, a mom blogger? Brands aren’t checking to see who else is available with an audience that is about creating a conversation and moving to act.

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Fashion from a plus-size perspective

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