Denny's new digital delivery brings the diner to the doorstep

The restaurant chain introduces online ordering through Twitter and Facebook.

Denny’s already has a powerful digital presence. The brand has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on social media by embracing a quirky and witty online personality. Now, the restaurant chain is using social media to bring "America’s Diner" to every home.

Starting Tuesday, the brand is introducing Denny’s on Demand, a mobile and online ordering system that allows consumers to grab anything off the diner’s original menu for delivery or pickup from half of Denny’s 1,700 restaurants.

Denny’s has upgraded its online ordering services, introducing tracking and ordering capabilities at, a redesigned mobile app, and ordering through Twitter and Facebook. Denny’s is one of first brands to use a new ordering function on Twitter, where the brand’s 388,000 followers can order with a direct message. On Facebook, the brand’s 1.2 million followers can pick their food through a chatbot.

"The launch of Denny’s on Demand is the result of our commitment to leveraging new technology to reach a wider audience and make it even more convenient for today’s virtually connected guests to enjoy their favorite diner dishes," said John Dillon, CMO of Denny’s.

To promote the new service, Denny’s is running a national TV campaign, created by the brand’s AOR EP+Co, better known as Erwin Penland. A 30-second spot called The World is Your Diner and three 15-second versions encapsulate the idea that you can have Denny’s whenever and wherever you want. The spot shows a family eating in a Denny’s booth at the Grand Canyon, construction workers eating on top of a skyscraper, and motorcyclists riding off with in a yellow branded booth into the sunset.

Denny’s, which developed its program with digital ordering provider Olo, joins a growing group of national chains that are investing in digital ordering. In April, Subway, Applebee’s, and Red Robin began offering ordering online. Even Domino’s Pizza, heralded as a market leader with its online pizza tracker, is streamlining its system to reduce its delivery time to 10 minutes. According to a March study by the NPD Group, digital deliveries have increased by 18% in 2016 and account for nearly 2 billion in food service visits.

Like the other chains, Denny’s will rely on third-party delivery services, like Postmates and Uber Eats, to get pancakes, hamburgers, and milkshakes to customers as fast as possible. To make sure fries aren’t delivered soggy, Denny’s will deliver all food in new custom takeout packaging made with microwavable and sustainable materials. On these, the restaurant will print a variety of Denny’s tweets. That means consumers should expect to see silly remarks such as "Friends are like pancakes. You take them for granted until they’re gone" and "a pancake will never cheat on you."

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