How Moovit and Twentieth Century Fox are driving fans to see the movie Snatched

Moovit has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox to help moviegoers easily ride public transit to the film, which debuts May 12.

SAN FRANCISCO: As part of the promotion around the new film Snatched, starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, transit app Moovit wants to help fans see the movie.

Moovit has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox to help moviegoers easily ride public transit to the movie, which debuts May 12. In the film, Schumer and Hawn play a mother and daughter who go on an exotic vacation together and get lost.

"We saw the commonality there – if [Schumer and Hawn’s characters] had Moovit, they could get mass transit and find out where they are," said Steve Swasey, Moovit’s VP and head of global communications.

Moovit’s free app, which operates in 1,200 cities in 75 countries, helps its 55 million users to navigate local public transit. With the Twentieth Century Fox partnership, Moovit will help fans around the U.S. get to their closest movie theater to see Snatched.

Before the release of the film, Moovit will add all the U.S. movie theaters showing Snatched as points of interest on its free app, so riders can simply search "Snatched" and find easy-to-navigate directions via mass transit to the nearest big screen.

"The specific objective of this program is to show how we can work with partners to bring value to their marketing program where Moovit is an asset to them," said Swasey. "Fox is going to be able to show they are bringing more people to the theaters via mass transit than they might have otherwise without using this program. So we have a consumer objective and a partnership objective."

Moovit and Fox created a co-branded, 30-second video spot for the campaign that will air for three weeks on the Nasdaq video board in New York’s Times Square, as well as via paid spots on Facebook and in-app messaging. Social media influencers will also help promote the campaign on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

There also will be a social media competition on Moovit’s Facebook page for the opportunity to win a three-night trip to Hawaii.

"We don’t have budget to buy network or even local affiliate spots," said Swasey. "We are going organic and guerilla with this."

He added that Moovit is not paying out of pocket for this campaign.

"Fox has contributed in-kind," said Swasey. "The Nasdaq relationship is a budget I can’t disclose, but it is very modest."

Swasey joined Moovit in November after a short stint at online lending marketplace Lending Club, where he was SVP of corporate communications. Swasey, along with Moovit global marketing and communications manager Kate Azima, and North America countries manager David Klein are working on the campaign. Although no PR firms are assisting, comms consultant Abigail Murphy is helping the internal team.

"My broad goal is to make Moovit a household name globally," said Swasey, who noted that it is already a household name in Israel where it was founded in 2012, and was "instrumental" in helping Rio de Janeiro manage public transit during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Swasey is particularly focused on helping the brand make a splash in the U.S.

"We are just starting our brand awareness building in the U.S. and we are looking at partners who can help us elevate our brand and who are relevant to our brand," added Swasey.  

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