Showcase: Kairos uses YouTubers to kick Topps to the top of the downloads chart

Influencer and social agency KairosMedia teamed up with eight UK and two Spanish football YouTubers to help drive downloads to football card trading app Topps Kick.

W2S's video promoting Kick has been viewed by 12.6m people
W2S's video promoting Kick has been viewed by 12.6m people

Kick is a digital card collection and trading app officially licensed by the English Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer (MLS). Its maker, The Topps Company, contracted Nottingham-based Kairos in August 2016.

Concentrating on a target audience of males aged 12-25, Kairos was tasked with bringing new users to the app and pushing its ranking into the top 10 on the App Store, and re-engaging existing users by showcasing new features.

Kairos created a series of YouTuber-branded in-app contests. Fans joining a specific contest, linked to the YouTuber whose video they had seen, collect cards and compete against other users in a competition based on the real-life performance of the players whose cards they hold. The winners earn in-game prizes and get a namecheck in the respective YouTuber's next video. 

All videos were promoted organically only - there was no sponsored promotion of the content.

Each YouTuber, which included W2S, ChrisMD, JMX, FIFAManny in the UK, and DJMario and TobbaLink in Spain, was paid for making the video, and told they should clearly disclose that the video was sponsored content, and include a explanation of how to use the app. They were all required to retweet a Topps post on Twitter promoting sign-ups, and publish another tweet of their own.

The first set of videos were released on 8 September, a further batch on 17 September (the same day the in-app contests began) and the final set on 16 October.

A total of 26.2m views were registered from 8 September to 16 October, and a further four million views have been racked up since then.

One of the videos (below), in which W2S and his younger brother take each other on in football challenges, first in their garden and then on a FIFA video game, has attracted 12.6m users. Other influencers, with smaller audiences, got views in the low six figures.

A total of 58,000 people installed the app after following one of the links in the YouTuber's description box, and Kairos estimates that many more will have downloaded the app having seen the video but without using the special link. A total of 163,000 active and new users entered the contests between 17 and 24 September, and daily use increased by 300 per cent during that week.

Kick spent four days as the number one free sport app in the UK, and also reached number one in Spain. It peaked at number three in the US.

Kairos has since been reappointed to run a similar campaign for Topps' American football game, Topps Huddle.

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