DIARY: Chisholm wins, Draper loses as Palast reveals details on Lobbygaters

The big-mouthed lobbyists turned over by Observer hack Greg Palast in 1998's Lobbygate scandal can squirm afresh this week as Palast publishes his definitive version of events in a collection of essays, titled The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

Coming off worst is the ebullient Derek Draper, formerly a PA adviser at the then Market Access, who is quoted as telling Palast: 'I don't want to be a consultant. I just want to stuff my bank account at £250 an hour'.

But any hope other consultants had of hiding behind the barrage of abuse destined for Draper evaporates as Palast notes in excruciating detail talks he had with individuals from other lobbying shops.

Indeed the only named lobbyist to emerge reputation enhanced is Rory Chisholm, formerly at GJW and now a Finsbury director.

'Now hold on there,' chirps the upstanding Chisholm in response to Palast's suggestion he interfere on delicate competition issues: 'That's getting a little bit illegal ...'

But as Chisholm holds his head up high, the hunt is on for the unnamed lobbyist shocked by Palast's request that he top the bold claims of the reporter's more imaginative contacts: 'It's appalling, it's disturbing,' the righteous lobbyist is reported as telling Palast, to which he added: 'This was political consulting's finest hour.'


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