Breakfast Briefing, 3.31.2017: Food fight! Wendy's takes on McDonald's on Twitter

Wendy's picked a fight with its larger rival on Thursday over McDonald's announcement that it's planning to use fresh beef in most Quarter Pounders next year

New from PRWeek this morning
Humana’s top communications executive, Tom Noland, discusses life under the microscope in the healthcare insurance industry. Don Spetner with some good advice for executives (and all of us): Spend less than you make. Panera marketing chief Chris Hollander sounds a call to action for the rest of the restaurant industry: embrace "clean food." From Campaign: The best April Fools’ ads of 2017.

Food fight! Wendy’s throws cold water on McDonald’s announcement
Wendy’s social media team started a new beef with McDonald’s on Thursday, mocking the Golden Arches’ announcement that it will start using fresh beef in Quarter Pounders by mid-2018. The McDonald’s Twitter account, outspoken about, ahem, other matters earlier this month, hasn’t punched back yet.

When your quotes come back to haunt you
In mid-2016, during the Clinton email scandal, then-Trump campaign adviser Michael Flynn famously said seeking immunity "means you probably committed a crime. How times have changed! Flynn has offered to testify in congressional inquiries into Russian interference in the 2016 election in exchange for immunity, according to The Wall Street Journal. The latest drop of news about the political and national security scandal is leading Friday morning’s news cycle.

Goodbye, Dandelion…
A rollout to keep an eye on today: Crayola is getting rid of the dandelion crayon—does anyone know why there’s a white crayon in the first place?—and replacing it with a yet-to-be-named color in its 24-crayon box. The brand is spinning the announcement on Twitter as dandelion’s "retirement," but it’s clear the color is being pushed out of its job.

Sorrell on YouTube boycott
The WPP chief said on CNBC Friday morning that Google and Facebook have to clean up their act and fix the problem of advertising appearing next to extremist content, but boycotting YouTube "doesn’t make any sense." Sorrell told the network, "With authority or position comes a responsibility, and they have got to step up and take responsibility," referring to Facebook and Google.

Gizmodo sleuth appears to uncover Comey Twitter account
C’mon, who among us doesn’t have a secret Twitter account? It appears FBI Director James Comey does, and it may have been uncovered by Gizmodo’s Ashley Feinberg, raising the question of how many other business executives or government officials are tweeting under the names of 20th century American theologians. 

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