Unsure whether to target Gen Z or millennials? Ketchum creates offering focused on GenZennials

Ketchum introduces a demographic based on mindset and life stage: the GenZennial.

Unsure whether to target Gen Z or millennials? Ketchum creates offering focused on GenZennials

NEW YORK: Ketchum has formed an expertise group for a new consumer demographic: the GenZennial.

The offering encompasses part of both the millennial generation and Generation Z -- hence the name GenZennial. It separates out the younger millennials and older Gen Zs into their own micro demographic ranging from 16-to-24-year-olds.

"When you look at the high end of Gen Z and the low end of millennials, they've grown up in a different world," said Aaron Berger, VP and leader of the millennial audience insights area at Ketchum. "Older millennials didn't have the same experience so to group them into one demographic doesn’t work, as opposed to breaking them out."

The offering brings together Berger, who leads the millennial group, and Angela Fernandez, SVP and leader of Ketchum’s Engaging Gen Z audience insights area, to work together on this middle generation.

The group will provide more specialized advice to clients looking to reach that specific age group with certain influencers or media strategies.

"We’re looking at how, instead of just age group, how mindset and life stage play into that," Fernandez said. "The youth age range is unified by similar mindset and life stage. They have all these firsts like renting their first apartment, buying their first car, or getting their first credit card. They're starting to build as a consumer and it's interesting to see what's moving and motivating this type of consumer."

Millennials range in age from about 21 to 35, while Gen Z refers to people aged 18 and younger. The GenZennial group represents about 39 million Americans. But the wide range of millennials often makes it difficult to target them because some millennials are just finishing college, while others have families and have been in the workforce for 10 years.

The agency will also begin conducting research on the GenZennial group, with a study about how the demographic views the future of transportation, due out next month.

"A lot of times clients would ask us to help them target millennials and help target Gen Z and we say, ‘Is that the 23 year old or the 32 year old?’" Berger said. "Now we have a more nuanced look at that group between 16 and 24 and are bringing that level of sophistication and nuance working with clients."

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