Yoga, poetry, diversity, presenteeism... dogs: Power Book chiefs tackle PR employee well-being

When PRWeek UK Power Book entrants were asked for ideas to help with employee well-being, suggestions ranged from yoga to ending 'presenteeism' and allowing dogs in the office...

Would yoga AND a sabbatical improve PR employees' well-being? (©Anlevy via Pixabay)
Would yoga AND a sabbatical improve PR employees' well-being? (©Anlevy via Pixabay)

There was huge support for flexible working, closing the gender pay gap and curbing out-of-hours working. Some suggested encouraging more drinking – and some less.

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Other suggestions included:

"End over-servicing" – Daljit Bhurji, Diffusion

"Grant time off for volunteering. We talk about purpose and social good to our clients, and should mirror that message as the best form of corporate giving, bonding and generating real-world pride" – Richard Medley, Frank PR

"Institute a net promoter score among staff" – Richard Moss, Good Relations

"Free yoga classes" – Rachel O’Reilly, Kuoni

"Allow dogs in the office. It really works wonders" – Antonia Betts, Ogilvy Health PR

"Take diversity seriously in all its dimensions" - Robert Phillips, Jericho Chambers

"Invent a time machine" - Nick Clark, Four Communications

"Automatically cut off conference calls after 20 minutes" – Julian Hilton-Johnson, McDonald’s

"End the presenteeism that exists in so many comms teams. Long hours are not a sign of high quality" – Mike Birtwistle, Incisive Health

"Significant sabbaticals every few years" – Nick DeLuca, Open Road

"Offer stress counselling and a mentor to each employee" – Mary Whenman, Women in PR

"An unlimited supply of free pick ’n' mix for all employees" - Andrew Bloch, Frank PR

"Remind them that the best ideas happen away from work" - Jane Brearley, Portland

"A place for guilt-free power naps" - Mark Gallagher, Pagefield

"Implement 30 minutes of poetry-reading every day" - Hamish Thompson, Houston PR

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