From Lego to Labour: PRWeek's editor-in-chief picks his own hits, misses, challenges and opportunities

Last week we launched the PRWeek UK Power Book - the definitive report on the most influential people in comms - so I thought I'd have a go at answering the questions we put to the industry's top one per cent.

Lego: inspired strategy and creativity
Lego: inspired strategy and creativity

The industry’s biggest challenge for 2017 is…

Justifying honest, professional communications at a time when comment is ubiquitous and facts alarmingly disputable. It was difficult enough encouraging organisations to communicate with thought and integrity, but that just got a lot more difficult when certain politicians just fabricate stuff and apparently get away with it.

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And the biggest opportunity…

At a time when trust in politicians and business is at an all-time low, helping those same people reconnect with their publics. One has to trust that society and its people are essentially rational, sensible and progressive.

In five years, the biggest difference in the PR industry will be…

That people will have finally realised established media and new influencers both stem from the same human race; that the best bloggers and journalists are authentic and share a passion for the truth.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most poorly in the past 12 months…

A toss-up between the US Democrats and the British Labour Party: both have become introverted, arrogant and disconnected.

And which most adeptly…

Lego: a Scandinavian toy-brickmaker that was made relevant again through inspired strategy and creativity.

What should the industry do to improve employee well-being?

Encourage real human interaction and physical exercise. Public relations cannot be entirely digitised.

How do you switch off from work?

Playing doubles tennis.

I regret…

Not writing a book sooner than I did: Campaigns that Shook the World helped sort the wheat from the chaff.

Danny Rogers, editor-in-chief

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