Breakfast Briefing, 2.16.2017: More on Snap IPO, a day without immigrants

Snap is tempering expectations for its upcoming IPO, which is still on track to be the largest tech floatation in the U.S. since Alibaba nearly three years ago.

New this morning
Don Spetner on why you should cut the millennials and other young employees around your office a break as they learn the ropes. Huntsworth issued an upbeat trading statement on Thursday morning predicting improved 2016 numbers ahead of its earnings call next month.

More on Snap Inc.’s IPO
Snapchat’s parent company has set its valuation at $19.5 billion to $22.2 billion, at the low end of expectations, but still sizable enough to be the biggest U.S. tech IPO since Alibaba in 2014, according to The Wall Street Journal. S-1 documents put shares in the range of $14 to $16.

Happening today: A day without immigrants
In cities such as Philadelphia, Austin, and Washington, immigrants are planning to stay home on Thursday to protest roundups of undocumented workers across the country and other Trump administration policies. Progressive groups are also setting up national protests for tax day.

More PewDiePie fallout
Do decisions by Disney and YouTube to drop PewDiePie signal an end to brands working with influencers? Not so fast. But it could mean more intense scrutiny of their videos, tweets, Vines and other posts and "the various middlemen involved in brokering deals," according to the WSJ.

Trump on Twitter this morning
The president touted recent stock-market gains, called on media outlets to apologize for leaks from DC agencies, and vowed to catch "low-life leakers." He has also planned his latest post-campaign rally for Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday at 5 p.m. Bloomberg: Trump made calls about Lockheed F-35 with rival Boeing CEO listening.

Dorsey: There’s an ‘Arab Spring’ brewing in the U.S.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has compared political events in the U.S. to the Arab Spring movement that toppled several Middle Eastern leaders starting in 2010. "It was stunning to see how Twitter was being used to have a conversation about the government, with the government," Dorsey said at a conference hosted by Goldman Sachs on Wednesday night, according to Fortune.

Venezuela cracks down on CNN
The country has shut down CNN en Espanol days after its president said the network was interfering in its affairs. The government claimed the cable channel was creating "an environment of intolerance," according to the Miami Herald. The decision followed an unflattering report by CNN about passport fraud at Venezuela’s embassy in Iraq.

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