'I can't do everything at once, ok': Tube line Twitter account goes off the rails

The person behind the Twitter account for the London Underground's Piccadilly Line appeared under considerable stress yesterday during another day of delays - but also attracted sympathy from a number of users of the social network.

An image of the future stock for the Piccadilly line (Credit: Transport for London)
An image of the future stock for the Piccadilly line (Credit: Transport for London)

An interaction with one particular Twitter user irked the person behind the @piccadillyline account yesterday evening, who said that it felt like he or she was "getting it in the neck today".

In another tweet, the account's manager said that he or she hadn't been given a timetable for a replacement bus service, and later claimed to be dealing with all of the accounts for all of the London Underground lines.

"I'm trying to deal with ALL tweets on ALL lines, that's how it is here, I can't do everything at once, ok," the tweet read.

Some Twitter users then began to express sympathy for Transport for London's Twitter multi-tasker, with one offering the olive branch of a nice cup of tea.

It had been, the Twitter master in question admitted, a "tough shift", but "no more than usual"...

Normal service appeared to have returned on @piccadillyline this morning - even if it hadn't on the line itself. Problems with wheels on the trains that run on the line have led to a reduced fleet being in operation.

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