DIARY: The Clifford mic incident: we shall never know

Confusion remains as to how much insight was offered into Max Clifford's world by his recent encounter with the BBC's Louis Theroux.

The prevailing reaction to the programme has been that Theroux was persistently spun by Clifford, who succeeded in obtaining a remarkable amount of coverage for clients Simon Cowell and nine-year-old singer Declan Galbraith (who has since signed to EMI for £1m).

Debate now centres on whether Clifford's apparent lapse in being recorded by his radio mic plotting with a Guardian reporter was, in fact, a deliberate ploy.

As he was busy name-checking his role in other recent tabloid scandals while pushing his shopping trolley round Sainsbury's, it is possible that he was actually making a conscious effort to add to his own notoriety.

While some will prefer to see the incident as a Clifford blunder, it's certainly possible the old maestro knew exactly what he was doing.

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