Zach King on what content works and what doesn't

The Vine star and YouTube personality chats with PRWeek's Diana Bradley.

Fast Facts

Filmmaker who specializes in editing effects
Combined reach on all platforms is 26 million; main channels are Instagram, Vine, Snapchat,, and YouTube
Ages 13 to 18 and 26 to 45
Coca-Cola, Disney, Pixar, Crayola

What do you do?
My content usually lives on Instagram or YouTube. Pieces will be anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute long. It’ll be me as the main character and I’ll do something most kids can relate to and there is a magical twist in there that catches them off guard.

Talk about some high-profile brand activations

I work with Coca-Cola, Disney, Pixar, and colorful brands like Crayola. Our guidelines match up. We are about kids, inspiration, creativity, and color. Those are the partnerships that excite me. Obviously [brands] have their campaign goals and want the audience to know what’s going on there. But our goal is to still create videos in our style and not have viewers question a branded piece of content on our channel. We work with brands to figure out how to relay their message in our voice.

What leads to the most success and engagement with your content?

When I hear brand names like Lego, Disney, Crayola - I immediately I think about how I played with those as a kid and try to figure out how to make something with them. It’s not about forcing [the relationship] to try to get it to work. It has to be a product I’m already excited about, I have, I use, or I am passionate about. I share my Lego room collection on Snapchat a lot.

What brands do you refuse to work with?

Because my audience skews a lot younger, we don’t work with alcohol or smoking brands, or brands that have edgier clothing. We keep it on the cleaner side because we consider our content family friendly.

What do you bring to the table that mainstream media doesn’t?

Speed. We’ll turn around a branded project in a week or two, which is unheard of in the normal media industry. We also have an irreverent creativity. We don’t have all the brand rules on us all the time. We don’t have an internal corporation. We are just a group of friends that hang out and create awesome videos and that comes through in the creativity.

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