PMQs Twitter round-up: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit

It was fractious session of PMQs in which a confident Jeremy Corbyn exposed the Government's difficulties over Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May appeared under pressure and Speaker John Bercow was forced to bellow at the Chamber to restore order.

PMQs Twitter round-up: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit

Corbyn asked May to clarify comments made by Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary to a Czech paper that the UK was likely to leave the EU customs union post-Brexit - but still wanted to trade freely after.

Public affairs commentators said Corbyn was on good form.

And there was agreement among PA professionals that Brexit was calling the Government's competency into question.

Corbyn then took the opportunity to make May squirm by referring to a leaked internal report, apparently admitting the Government has 'no plan for Brexit'.


Corbyn told May her party was lacking in all competency, across Brexit, health and justice.

The Speaker was forced to make a number of interventions to calm the spirit of the House, including this one.

But, following a question about the UK's continued 'special relationship' with the US, under Donald Trump, the President-elect, Bercow was forced to intervene again, bellowing at MPs to restore order and telling SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes: "You're in a very emotional condition...try to recover your composure man!"

For Pagefield, Corbyn was the clear winner of today's session.

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