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If the BBC had advertising...

We take a look at the brands and products that viewers have taken to heart - and how they could be advertised on BBC shows...

Authentic? Consumers’ mixed reactions to current brand comms

COVID-fatigue: How some brands might be getting it wrong

Why understanding your audiences is crucial in getting your message and tone right during COVID-19

The consumer landscape has changed dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a challenging time for many people as their home and work situations have been completely transformed.

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Understanding changing behaviours in a rapidly evolving consumer landscape

If that landscape is shifting, so must your comms strategy – and fast. Here's some guidance on how to stay on top of the twists and turns…

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One in five consumers have boycotted a brand

Tax avoidance and evasion is the number one reason for consumer boycotts of brands, a YouGov study reveals

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Cut portion size by the ounce, lose customers by the pound

Consumers aren't fooled by smaller portion sizes, according to data from YouGov

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Getting the most out of fast-turnaround research: what you need to know

Ben Glanville, head of YouGov's Omnibus research team, explains the importance of planning and communication when commissioning fast-turnaround research

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Six things you've missed if you haven't updated your segmentation

Finance brands that fail to update their segmentation could find themselves behind the times, neglecting their needs - and those of their customers

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Four things every audience segmentation needs

Brands need to know how consumers are changing as they are changing - which means keeping audience segments updated on a rolling basis

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Toblerone, Walkers and Samsung: dealing with the unexpected

For brands, big movements in popular perception happen regularly - from unexpected crises to planned product changes. Find out how these things impact on customer attitudes - and how you need to respond.

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