50 hot new influencers: JaackMaate

As part of PRWeek's 50 hot new influencers feature, JaackMaate creator and 'anti-YouTuber' Jack Dean shared the success secrets of his, err, YouTube channel.

50 hot new influencers: JaackMaate
50 hot new influencers: JaackMaate

Describe yourself, your site/channels and how you got started

I’ve been a full-time content-creator for about three years now, branding myself as the ‘anti-YouTuber’. My audience know that I love my job, but I portray each video as a chore, often claiming I only do it for the cash. It’s all in jest. I started in 2008, uploading terrible webcam videos from my mum’s old Windows computer.

How have you worked with brands or causes?

I’ve worked with loads of brands in a number of ways, from product placement to life experiences. Not only is it a great way to make good money, a lot of my branded content has allowed me to bring in cast, crew and a production team – so the look and feel of my branded content is professional and doesn’t come across as rushed and cash-grabbing.

What kind of collaborations with brands work best for you?

The best one are where the brand ‘lets me do me’. A lot of companies have strict rules on how they want the video to go down, which makes the video feel forced and fake. I know a lot of content-creators will do anything for a quick buck, and won’t put the hours into researching what works – which is a shame, as it will kill influencer marketing if creators keep being so sloppy.

New influencers: are they changing the face of PR and marketing?

What works less well and what would you not do?

I wouldn’t like to make a five-minute video constantly talking about why a product or service is particularly life-changing, for example. The audience will essentially just see dollar signs in my eyes. I think a subtle approach not only works best for me as a creator, but comes across as far more authentic for a brand. I hate when hundreds of YouTubers are approached for a campaign at the same time. How can it ever seem natural when 75 YouTubers all start to obsess over a particular energy drink or chewing gum at the same time?


What is your favourite social-media platform and why?

YouTube. The content lives on the page for years. Facebook’s shelf life for content is 48 hours at best. On Twitter, it’s more like 48 seconds. I love YouTube as it’s essentially a video diary of everything I’ve created. Plus, those watching me on YouTube are there by choice, whereas Facebook viewers were already on Facebook anyway.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope I am as happy as I am now and working in the same field. Every day is exciting, I get to travel the world and work my own hours. I’m incredibly honoured to have the audience I do, and hope to keep them entertained for as long as possible.

YouTube page: JaackMaate

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