Watch: Challenger bank Tandem woos potential customers with first dates video

Tandem, a new challenger bank, has unleashed a video showing just how awkward it would be to face the real questions Brits want to ask on a first date, as it seeks to build relationships with possible customers.

The bank is on a brand drive after appointing Eulogy as its retained PR agency earlier this year. The firm’s brief was to deliver an integrated campaign to tell the Tandem story, raising awareness and social buzz for the full-service bank aiming to challenge the traditional banking model. A predominant focus will be introducing Tandem to potential customers who feel disenfranchised by their current bank.

Tandem teamed up with Eulogy and Sassy to produce the video.

The viral video, which at the time of writing had been viewed more than 200,000 times, shows a speed-dating session featuring unsuspecting daters paired up with a handful of actors who proceed to reel off a barrage of personal questions. These include, "do you have a criminal record?", "are you a splurger or a saver?" and "are you over your ex?"

It finishes off with the strapline, 'Tandem: The Good Bank... open to a long-term relationship later this year'.

Rowan Adams, head of comms for Tandem Bank, said: "Although our experiment may be for fun, it does illustrate how UK consumers are increasingly looking for a better financial life. As we move towards launch, we will continue to drive engaging, headline-grabbing activity that captures the attention of the media and prospective customers."

Top 25 first date questions Brits would really like to ask:

1.       Do you believe in love at first sight?

2.       Are you over your ex?

3.       How many holidays do you have a year?

4.       Do you have a criminal record?

5.       Do you own your own property?

6.       How often do you go to the gym?

7.       Are you a splurger or a saver?

8.       Do you want to get married?

9.       How many children do you want?

10.    Are you in debt? 

11.    Who do you vote for?

12.    Where would you want to get married?

13.    How would you raise your children? 

14.    How many people have you slept with? 

15.    What’s your annual salary?

16.    Are you saving for a deposit to buy a home?

17.    How much is a pint of milk?

18.    How much money do you have in savings?

19.    What is your credit score?

20.    How many credit cards do you have?

21.    How much do you tip?

22.    How much do you save a month?

23.    Have you ever defaulted on a credit card?

24.    Would your parents help pay for your wedding?

25.    Do you get a bonus at work?

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