Initial anxiety is natural, but Brexit can be good for our creative industries

PRWeek EU Referendum Panel: The people have spoken and initial volatility will give way to big opportunities, says Brexit supporter and agency CEO Andrew Hayes.

Decisions aren’t much bigger than deciding who governs. Well, the people have spoken and business will have to adjust to the new reality, which offers many opportunities.

While there will be some short-term volatility, the fundamentals are the same. We remain a deregulated, innovative and major world economy and will be better placed to take advantage of opportunities in faster-growing emerging markets.

Our time zone still works in the City’s favour, English remains the lingua franca of world business and our legal system the jurisdiction of choice. London will continue to thrive and no longer be under threat from onerous financial regulation from Brussels.

Inevitably there is a mood of some anxiety in London this morning, which is not surprising given the historic importance of the decision. But as the cool, hard-headed business of negotiating Brexit gets under way, it will be back to business as usual. Already the CEO of Germany’s Federation of German Industry has called for "continued free trade" after the UK leaves the EU. And the decisions are made in Berlin, not Brussels, as we know.

Meanwhile, we can start the process of negotiating more advantageous trade deals with the US, India and China, all of which the EU has failed to deliver.

But something else much more important will happen over the coming months. We will not be able to blame Brussels for all our ills. We will have to make our way in the world and really take control. All this will be hugely reinvigorating, particularly for creative industries like our own.

As Sir James Dyson, one of our most successful entrepreneurs, said only a few days ago: "We will be in control of our destiny. And control, I think, is the most important thing in life and business."

Andrew Hayes is CEO at Hudson Sandler and a Brexit supporter

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