Dan Tarman, SVP and CCO, eBay: Power List 2016

2016 rank: 30

Dan Tarman, SVP and CCO, eBay: Power List 2016

Dan brings to the table an impressive mix of strategic and operational skills, supported by expertise, judgment, and experience. Action-oriented, his approach has proven as effective in responding to unanticipated developments as in implementing strategic initiatives that strengthen communication and brand in a consistent and comprehensive fashion.

He is a tireless executive, who is particularly effective in responding to sudden changes, such as the emergence of new opportunities, risks, or crisis. And he seems to thrive in such conditions.

By understanding the overall environment in which companies operate, Dan has been able to position the comms function in a manner that demonstrates agility, thoughtfulness, and resilience. He is not shy to disagree with his bosses. As such, he has also emerged as a candid adviser, and one whose inputs are greatly appreciated.

Repeated successes have not led to complacency in a career that continues to flourish. From the impact of digitalization to the use of social media, Dan has demonstrated the ability to evolve. He often takes with him colleagues who would otherwise resist approaches outside an operational comfort zone that has served them well in the past, but may become more challenged in the future.

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