Stronger messages needed as finish line nears for EU campaigners

PRWeek EU Referendum Panel: 'remain' supporter Gill Morris says that desperation is setting in for both camps, having stirred up confusion over the past few months.

The truth is that Cameron should never have promised an "in-out" referendum to pacify the "swivel-eyed loons".

Equally true is that whether we vote to remain or leave on Thursday, the Conservative Party will be in freefall and things will never be the same again.

The problem with both campaigns is the "what if?" question. Speculation about markets crashing, job losses and a constitutional crisis are rife, but the truth is that no one really knows what will actually happen if we stay or if we go. So both teams have conspired to add mayhem to a vat of confusion and uncertainty.

Neither have got their facts or stats right. Remainians and Brexiters have fallen over backwards in tit-for-tat battles to prove that we will all be better off respectively, but no one really knows the answer to the many questions that the public are asking about immigration, the economy, the health service or pensions etc.

Now that the finishing line is in sight, desperation is setting in as both camps resurrect fears and continue to broadcast doubts.

Former PMs, chancellors, party leaders, presidents, Sir Bob Geldorf and the Bank of England have all been bought into play. It certainly looks like the Remainians have a better team, but are they going to get the ball in the back of the net?

Given that it's too close to call and pollsters will want to show they have got it right this time, it is vital for both teams to cast more certainty and clarity about the pros and cons - where they can - so the public can make an informed decision about what they are actually voting for and what they are not.

A stronger brand and message must come through to unravel the mess and make it clear that the EU referendum has nothing to do with what's happening in France or Syria - or Yorkshire.

Gill Morris is chief executive of DevoConnect and is pro-'remain'

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