Inspiring creativity within PR campaigns

A recent study revealed that the public relations industry is finally, after years of oversight, embracing creativity as a central driving force, with 88 per cent of PR practitioners citing it as fundamental to what they do.

Where do you find your creative inspiration, asks Sophie Chadwick?
Where do you find your creative inspiration, asks Sophie Chadwick?

It also indicated that clients are now more likely than ever to look to PR agencies for big ideas, putting more pressure on them to deliver outstanding multimedia campaigns that help them realise their business ambitions.

Creativity and great concepts are the lifeblood of the very best PR campaigns, but where do the award-winning ideas that PR professionals dream up come from?

When’s the best time to find inspiration?

We’re all unique, so inspiration can occur at anytime. Some creatives will have a brainwave while exploring new places on a long walk in the countryside, or think of their next campaign idea during a transatlantic flight.

Reading, watching and listening intently is essential for mind stimulation. Listening to podcasts and TED Talks is also a great way to find new ideas. You might find that looking at past campaigns online gets your creativity flowing, which brings us onto our next point.

Does new technology breed more creativity?

Yes and no. It can be futile to rely completely on new digital tools for inspiration. On the other hand, platforms such as Snapchat, Vine and Instagram are vehicles PRs can use to execute innovative new ideas.

In 2016, easy-to-use technology means a primitive idea can quickly manifest itself into something much more.

Additionally, with the help of the right production people, a team of creatives can quickly turn a scribble in a notepad into a marketing stunt.

Mobile technology is now the main source of information for most of us. This means multifaceted ideas that span both new and traditional media are effective but, in some cases, it’s up to PR professionals to educate clients on how new technology can help further their business.

The future: where do we find new ideas?

Whether you’re brand new to PR or a long-serving pro, you need to be constantly searching for new inspiration.

We should look to the wider industry, emerging technologies and digital platforms to refresh our approach.

Just being aware of the environment around you is crucial to ensuring you’re up to date current affairs and can therefore develop new, fresh ideas.

Over time, Millennials will become the biggest demographic in the workforce, including public relations. It’s exciting to think where these younger people, who’ve grown up with digital technology at their fingertips, will go with their ideas.

A good story should be at the heart of every campaign

Everyone in the PR industry knows the importance of a good story and how to effectively communicate that to a wider audience.

What remains consistent with every campaign is that, no matter whether it’s being told on mobile, in print or on the big screen, the story is at the heart of everything.

So where do you source your ideas? Do you find inspiration in previous campaigns, emerging technologies, current affairs or something completely different?

Sophie Chadwick is account director at Peppermint Soda

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