Llorente & Cuenca establishes Latin America desk in New York

The move will bolster the firm's U.S. operations from the offices of its partner, Abernathy MacGregor.

Llorente & Cuenca announced Thursday it has established a Latin America desk in the New York offices of Abernathy MacGregor, fortifying the agency’s footprint in the U.S.

Open since last Monday, the LATAM desk allows both Llorente & Cuenca and Abernathy MacGregor to offer their services to U.S. companies interested in entering Latin American markets, as well as counsel on U.S. capital markets to clients based in Spain, Portgual and Latin America.

Leading this operation is Adriana Aristizabal, formerly of EDF Communications, which Llorente & Cuenca bought late last year to grow its U.S. office in Miami. Aristizabal worked out of EDF Communications' New York, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Aristizabal and another employee staff the N.Y. desk, according Jose Antonia Llorente, founding partner and president of Llorente & Cuenca.

"The purpose of the Miami office was to be close with U.S. firms that want to open up in Latin America," said Llorente. "But it’s not enough. We have people in New York now to reinforce our Miami operations."

Llorente described a mutually beneficial relationship that will give the two firms the opportunity to offer their services to each other’s clients.

"By being close with Abernathy MacGregor our access to the U.S. market, and especially New York, is made easier," Llorente said. "It will open possibilities for us. This is an expansion of the range of our services and it’s also an expansion of the range of services for Abernathy MacGregor."

Llorente & Cuenca is finished expanding in the U.S. for now, but its work in Latin America may only be beginning. For two decades the Spain-based agency has been establishing a series of what Llorente described as self-sustaining operations in different markets.

"We have a good network of local operations that we want to coordinate as one network," Llorente said. "The reason we established an office in Miami was because we wanted to make the U.S. market know we are here and we’re close to the clients. We have the experience and capabilities."

"In three to five years, I could see us doubling in size in those key markets," he added.

The firm’s services to U.S. companies largely concern consultation, educating them on the business, political, and social environment they want to enter. For example, Llorente announced plans to open a Cuba office following the U.S.’s move to normalize relations with its Cold War enemy.

"We advise them on developing storytelling for a product, project, or company and how to get those things and storytelling to connect with people," Llorente said.

Llorente & Cuenca also owns offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, and Spain. It also has operations in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela through affiliate offices, a press release stated.

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