PR Product-Service of the Year 2016

Brandwatch Analytics is a social media-monitoring tool that uses 70 million sources; Zeno Group's The Human Project helps brands engage with people.

Honorable Mention

Brandwatch Social Listening and Analytics Platform

Brandwatch Analytics is a social media-monitoring tool that gathers data from more than 70 million sources. Users can search by topic or trend, or a combination of the two.

Analysis of results includes mention volume charts, sentiment, demographics, and more. Trends can be tracked and monitored to understand how topics develop over time. Dashboards can be built in anticipation of future events and trends; they can also be built to analyze the impact a past event had on the social sphere.

Clients have access to a host of tools that allow them to segment and organize sub-data sets within larger, all-inclusive sets, and thus compare and contrast topics within a data set.

A Brandwatch representative noted the tool can quickly provide PR professionals with "honest, accurate, and in-depth data resulting in instantaneous insights and knowledge."

On a weekly basis, Brandwatch data is published by more than 30 media outlets, ranging from one-liners to entire pieces.

As a result, judges felt Brandwatch Analytics is a useful tool for today’s PR professionals.

"Future and retrospective trend capability is compelling," explained one judge. "And the customizable dashboard helps ensure the information received is most relevant to a client’s business."

"It certainly seemed innovative," a second adjudicator noted.

Honorable Mention

Zeno Group
The Human Project

The Human Project is a proprietary IP combining research and methodology to help brands engage with people on deeper levels.

"Understanding consumer behavior solely through demographics is no longer an effective way for brands to connect with people," a Zeno representative said. "The Human Project studies people by exploring the inherent values and behaviors that motivate their lives every day."

"The Human Project concept was inspired by research that revealed people want brands to act like their best friends," the firm’s representative continued. "The values they assign to their deepest relationships are the same values they desire from brands they choose. Examination into why people behave [as] they do allows brands to achieve ‘best friend status.’"

For example, using the tool helped Zeno clearly recognize that in many families,  children and parents now make decisions together — as opposed to the former being thought of as pesterers and the latter as simply gatekeepers.

The tool has reportedly helped Zeno win new business, including work with Taco Bell and Hershey’s.

Judges were impressed by the approach and felt it was on target.

"The insight that people are people and not members of a generational monolith is spot on," one judge said.

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