Best Use of Analytics 2016

Text100 delivered results for both KAYAK and Adobe with analytics-based campaigns.


Text100 and Kayak
Kayak 2015 Travel Hacker Guide

Until 2015, Kayak’s annual travel guide existed as a mostly static blog post that provided visitors with a few key notes regarding travel trends and advice.

Last year the company turned to agency partner Text100 to take the guide to a new level and position it as an interactive destination that would provide the public with valuable data-driven insights presented as an easy-to-navigate product.

Kayak has access to a huge amount of data. Text100 analyzed more than 1 billion searches recorded in Kayak’s database and identified actionable information that consumers could use to "hack" their vacation travel plans. This would help them notably save time and money.

Text100 created an interactive app that would surface insights from Kayak’s database and visually present data in a user-friendly manner.

"Looking within Kayak’s 1-billion-plus travel searches a year, we’ve hacked into the where, when, and how much to help you become a smarter traveler," the site promises.

To meet that objective, data fed into several interactive maps in categories such as the current top U.S. travel destinations; international countries currently experiencing an increase in interest among travelers; global destinations with the greatest drop in airfare; and others.

Clicking through any of the data points brings up even more detailed data, such as month-to-month changes in airfare, local hotel reviews, and city-based "Hacker Tips" that provide users with tidbits of information to enhance their travel experience.

The rollout generated considerable buzz with more than 32 pickups from media outlets including Business Insider and CBS, which helped generate more than 460 million impressions on the 2015 travel guide page; 32 million impressions were recorded on Twitter.

One judge said the guide was "exactly what this award should exemplify: Analytics that drove not only the campaign, but created a new product for the company."

"Creative" and "sexy" were other adjectives offered by arbiters in this category.

Honorable mention

Text100 and Adobe
Adobe Digital Index: Predicting the Future with Data

In 2014, Adobe published a study titled Digital Roadblock: Marketers struggle to reinvent themselves. A key finding was that, of the 1,004 U.S. marketers surveyed, 76% said they needed a greater focus on data in order to succeed at their jobs. Adobe sought to meet that demand by processing big data from its marketing cloud and offering data-derived insights on Adobe Digital Index reports, which help marketers identify relevant trends. Adobe and Text100 created a yearlong initiative to position the index reports as the go-to for data-savvy marketers.

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