Can The Donald's unconventional campaign be stopped?

How many times in these past few days have I been asked whether The Donald's White House bid is unstoppable? With Donald Trump having won 11 of the first 15 contests, collected more than 300 delegates so far and holding double-digit leads in the next 15 contests, it doesn't seem so.

Can The Donald's unconventional campaign be stopped?
With the next elections mostly winner takes all, there is a basic math problem for the challengers who continue to split the vote three or four ways.

And, as the media have droned on about all week, there is mad panic at the highest echelons of the Republican Party to try to figure out a way to derail this inevitability.

But the truth is they are probably too late.

Trump has defied conventional political wisdom. His use of celebrity to speak to the public in a reality TV kind of way may be unique to him or may be the beginning of a new era where pop culture impacts campaigning in new and different ways.

Trump is not using a pollster. There is no speech writer. No micro targeting. Instead of going door to door, instead of Town Halls, he holds rock concert like rallies that have echoes in style and substance to many of the populists from the 1930s. 

He flies around in a private jet. He says one thing, than contradicts himself, and people say he is authentic. He tosses out an outrage and people say "he sounds like me". 

He can tussle with the Pope, the Mexican president and Fox News and remain standing.

Boris Johnson may not be a Donald. And the UK is not the US, but Trump is demonstrating that by rejecting the mainstream political elite, channelling the anger of the 'left behind' and not being afraid to use cable TV diva-ism (and bad language), one can build a broad base of support.

Enough to survive a convention floor fight? Capture the nomination? Win a general election?


Nick DeLuca is the chairman of Open Road

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