The New Influencers: Giselle Loren Lazzarato/"Gigi Gorgeous"

Followers: 2.1 million on YouTube, 1.9 million on Instagram

Has worked with: Too Faced Cosmetics, P&G


When an up-and-coming influencer is first approached by a brand, Giselle Lazzarato’s advice is to stay true to themselves, no matter who they are.

When Lazzarato started her YouTube channel, she did so under the name Gregory Gorgeous, the stage name she used before coming out as a transgender woman. Today, Lazzarato has worked with brands such as Too Faced Cosmetics and P&G’s Crest, won a Streamy Award for best beauty series, and gained a following of more than 2 million subs on her YouTube channel.

How did you get started in makeup/fashion vlogging?
Honestly, I kind of fell into the whole scene of makeup and fashion vlogging. I started in high school because my best friend (who is still my BFF) told me about some videos he saw online of a girl doing makeup and thought I would excel doing the same. I had always had an interest in everything beauty-related, so it only seemed natural to me!

Have you worked with any brands?
I have worked with many brands over the years of my career, some of my favorites including Too Faced cosmetics and Crest. I'm approached with a lot of opportunities, but I never take on something that I don't feel right about. I have to love the product or cause before I ever put my name on anything.

Did revealing that you are a woman create any roadblocks to success?
I was quite apprehensive about revealing my true identity with my audience online and those I conducted business with, because of what they might think. I wouldn't say there were any roadblocks; it was mostly all overwhelming support, which made me so happy.

As far as the business community goes, I would definitely say there were some hard times, but that's what the road to equality is all about.

A big part of makeup and fashion vlogging is that viewers can see you using and reviewing the product. Does working with brands ever create any conflicts of interest?
When you work closely with a brand, there are certain guidelines they expect you to follow when it comes to exclusively using their products. I like to be extremely open and honest with everything I do regardless of the business, and only endorse products I truly love. If a product is terrible, I will say it. I have videos for that.

What is your advice to brands that want to work with content creators?
I see so much integration with online influencers transitioning to mainstream campaigns and it makes me so happy! Some of the most brilliant and creative minds come from the Internet and I think there is so much potential there.

I think 2016 is going to be an amazing year for both brands and talent ?I think the most important thing for brands to keep in mind when collaborating with talent is to respect the balance between the artistic side and the commerce aspect of the partnership. I stand behind my creativity and respect when other talent expresses themselves. But at the same time, I always want to make sure the brand gets what they need. It's always a balance, and we just need to be true partners for it to work!

And what advice would you give to content creators when they are approached by a brand for the first time?
I would definitely advise people to be themselves. Clearly they've been successful this far for being authentic. I would say don't let a campaign ruin your personality and values.

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