Adobe quenches thirst of Ad Week attendees with its own beverage

Adobe brought its fictional Astroboost drink to life at the conference through a series of guerrilla marketing tactics.

Company: Adobe
Campaign: Astroboost
Duration: September 28 - October 2, 2015
Budget: $150,000

Adobe introduced a fictional beverage called Astroboost to call attention to its brand during last fall’s Advertising Week conference in New York City.

As part of Adobe’s sponsorship at the conference, the company screened a video called The Launch in over 70 sessions. The video features a mission launch to Mars that is marred by disconnected sources of data -- a play on the pitfalls of modern marketing that would accompany the launch of a new campaign. The concept of overwhelming data was used to show that Adobe can help brands make informed marketing decisions based on data.

To go along with the video, which was created with the help of ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Adobe introduced Astroboost, marketed as "the official beverage of the mission to Mars." The drink was brought to life at the conference through a series of guerrilla marketing tactics.

In the end, the Astroboost campaign helped Adobe extend the experience of The Launch video beyond the screen and create a dialogue that was engaging for thousands of marketing professionals attending the event. The payoff happened as curiosity piqued and attendees visited the Astroboost website, only to discover it was Adobe behind the fictional Astroboost campaign.


Adobe began planning for the campaign in late July. The strategy was aimed at bringing the Astroboost brand to life, with an ultimate goal of bringing awareness to Adobe Marketing Cloud.

"The two primary goals for the campaign were to drive video views of the new Adobe brand video The Launch by piquing people’s interest and directing them to the Astroboost website, and to capture share of voice on social media and on the ground at the event as a means to drive increased awareness of Adobe’s leadership position in the marketplace," explained Chad Warren, the head of social content marketing and digital marketing at Adobe.

An Adobe street team was set up to execute a series of on-the-ground, guerrilla marketing tactics at the Advertising Week New York conference, while a digital team formed a proactive social media and digital strategy to reinforce the fictional energy drink.


Adobe placed its street team in key locations across the Advertising Week New York conference with brightly colored swag items, such as t-shirts and foam fingers, along with 5,000 cans of the Astroboost drink. The drink was distributed to attendees as they waited in line for upcoming sessions and during breaks between events. Adobe even placed Astroboost in the hands of speakers on stage to drive attention to the fictional brand.

A microsite, featuring The Launch video, was also set up to bolster attention to the campaign. Additionally, Adobe’s digital communications team posted from Astroboost’s wide variety of social media handles.

The campaign also featured an Astroboost host, former MTV Real World star Chet Cannon, doing man-on-the-street interviews to capture reactions from conference attendees and passer-bys about the campaign and the drink.

"We were very satisfied with the way that we were able to cut through the noise at a very busy and highly saturated conference that took place in a very hectic location," said Warren. "Our sponsorship with Advertising Week and our integration with the broader Adobe teams helped to make this campaign an integrated success on all fronts."


Edelman provided media outreach and monitoring to track metrics of The Launch and Astroboost following the New York Advertising Week event.

Adobe received the top overall social share of voice relative to all other brands at the event, with 29% of all brand mentions and 27% more mentions than the next most mentioned brand.

The top five brands mentioned, in order, were Adobe, LinkedIn, Facebook, AOL, and Google.

Without paid media support, The Launch ad had 129,307 organically driven views on YouTube during the five-day conference.

The Adobe guerilla marketing team also distributed 5,000 cans of Astroboost to attendees.

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