Pi PR introduces video press releases

Malaysian boutique agency says VPRs are the "exactly the tool that the market needs now"

Anne Edwards
Anne Edwards

Pi PR in Malaysia has launched a video press release service for clients in a bid to appeal to broadcast media.

The tech comms boutique says it will provide clients with end-to-end production of VPRs, from scripting and news angles to visuals and sound bites.

The product will then be ready to pitch to TV outlets in a format that can be aired immediately.

Anne Edwards, head of Pi’s media relations, said: "In a nutshell, VPRs are no different than the Traditional Press Release that PR communicators and practitioners have been churning out daily, as the medium to disseminate their clients’ news announcements.

"The biggest difference with VPRs is that, that same client’s news message is captured and delivered in video format – which makes a world of difference to TV broadcast media."

Companies that have signed up to the new initiative include Malaysian Biotech Corporation, Freenom, 11Street.com, Barracuda Networks, Kelly OCG, UforLife and Bean & Beans.

Edwards said Malaysia’s television industry is struggling to keep up with the explosion in digital content platforms that are becoming increasingly popular with young Malaysians.

Given challenges of budgets, talent and intense competition for content, broadcasters do not have the time or resource to reconstruct text-based releases, however interesting, into video format. So Pi PR will do it for them, Edwards said.

"Today, masses of people from all layers of society are hooked on Facebook-shared videos, YouTube and subscribe to internet-based TV channels that are sprouting up every other day," she said.

"This is clear proof that there is a mass inclination towards video-based content, and simultaneously a wake-up call of sorts to PR firms to evolve their media services to better support the press."

Lee Ting Ting, managing director of Pi PR, said: "Broadcast TV remains a powerful medium that is driven by the digital trend. This is why we believe that VPRs are the way to go today.

"All PR agencies need to acknowledge this fact, to start offering this media services if they are serious about supporting and reaching out to TV channels – whether free-to-air, satellite, cable or online TV."

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