How to convince a start-up that investing in PR and content marketing is worth it

We all know how stressful it is when you're starting a business from scratch, especially when someone asks the question, "have you thought about your PR and marketing strategy yet?", writes Sam Allcock of Custard.

PR and content marketing are crucial to establish your brand, says Sam Allcock
PR and content marketing are crucial to establish your brand, says Sam Allcock

While this might seem like just another task you’ve got to deal with, and possibly even throw some of your budget at, it’s actually crucial when you’re establishing a brand.

So how can PR and content marketing support a start-up? Are these exercises really as important as everyone says? Here’s why I would suggest they are.

It establishes your brand’s expertise
To make sure your customers see your brand as a trustworthy, reliable expert in its industry, you can create thought leadership content. Writing an article detailing your brand’s opinion on a topical subject gives your business authority, demonstrating that your spokespeople know everything about the market in which you’re operating. 

It increases awareness around your brand
When you’ve just started a business, it’s expected that consumers won’t know your brand. To drum up interest and turn interest into customers, create some engaging and informative content on your industry. Content marketing links directly to your SEO performance (more on that later) and helps consumers find your brand via search engines.

It’s great for engaging with your customers
Writing industry-relevant content that your customers want to read is a great way to let them know you care about what interests them. The comment section is also a handy tool for finding out how consumers feel about your brand, giving you a heads up on the reaction to your PR/marketing strategy.

It improves your SEO rankings
Creating content that is published on trusted websites gives your brand’s SEO ranking a huge boost by creating back-links to your website. Alongside this, back-links lead consumers from your content directly to your website, making the sales process much easier.

It helps you create relationships with journalists
Providing key journalists in your industry with expert comment allows you to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with trade, consumer and national media. Once you give them a piece of well written and informative content they’re in need of, they’ll know to come to your brand if they need anything else on that particular topic.

It allows you to create key messages for your brand
A brand proposition is crucial to a new business. Do you want your customers to see your brand as a friendly, informal adviser? Or a professional, corporate expert? PR content can help you tailor your messaging and ensure your customers are exposed to your brand’s personality.  

So, as you can see, content marketing and PR can really support a start-up looking to educate people on its brand. While these two exercises are quite different, both in terms of outputs and results, they can make potential customers aware of your brand and your products. 

Sam Allcock is managing director and founder of Custard Online Marketing

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