How 9 brands tweeted treats in the spirit of Halloween

It's not hard for brands to find a tie-in with Halloween - plus it's the one day of the calendar where they can be creepy and get away with it.

Ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, costumes, and candy – it’s not hard for brands across all industries to find some kind of link between their products and Halloween. Plus, the holiday marks the one time in the year where it is excusable for a brand to creep out its customers.

Here are nine brands that weren’t afraid to do just that on Twitter, with a spooktacular array of real-time tweets, images, and original video content celebrating Halloween. These brands certainly won’t have you saying "boo" (unless you’re a ghost).



Burt's Bees

— Burt's Bees (@BurtsBees) October 30, 2015



LG USA Mobile

Lufthansa USA

MorningStar Farms