Transatlantic imbalance: media coverage of tech firms often skewed, report says

Tech brands such as Google, Apple and Microsoft fared equally well over the summer in terms of media coverage in Europe and America, but others - such as Amazon and Nokia - have a skewed media profile, according to a new study.

Transatlantic imbalance: media coverage of tech firms often skewed, report says

The Balance Report, by tech specialists Babel PR, looked at the rankings of 500 top companies that operate in the US and across Europe. The companies were ranked in each market by volume of coverage with the difference between the European and US positions indicating bias to one market over the other.

The report showed that some household names including Google held similar positions on either side of the Atlantic for the period from June through to August.

However, some companies – such as Amazon, Yahoo and Nokia – display a significant bias in coverage towards one region over the other, with the first two getting more coverage in the US while Nokia gets more attention in Europe.

Babel said its report could enable tech companies to balance their comms between the two regions and increase return on investment from interactions with the media. It added that, in some cases, a company’s message might resonate better in one market rather than another, but also another explanation was that some companies were failing to exploit opportunities in the market where they received less coverage.

Ian Hood, managing director at Babel, said: "The real value is to in-house teams who can use the analysis to decide, based on their detailed insider knowledge, if the imbalance is an indicator for remedial action to be taken. The anecdotal evidence suggests many would benefit from rebalancing their comms outreach – and the rewards could be considerable."

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