VW's apology, Jose's jibe, NASA's discovery and a boxing Batman: September's must-watch press conferences

Silly season is over, the Champions League is back and summer is coming to an end, which can only mean it's September. Here PRWeek UK rounds up some of the most groundbreaking, unusual, popular, unlucky and bizarre press conferences that took place this month.

Most surreal: VW US CEO apologises

Coming out to music and cheers, the VW US President and CEO Michael Horn was all smiles for his press conference. Such was the setup, you could have been forgiven for thinking he was about to announce a new car, not apologise for perhaps the biggest scandal to ever hit the motoring industry.

Horn proceeded to start with the words "wow, what a crowd", before thanking everyone from the media to car dealers for attending and eventually getting around to the business of apologising.

Biggest LOL: Jose Mourinho’s 'bad-min-ton' jibe

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been involved in plenty of highly charged media briefings since the Premier League season started in August.

However, his best performance so far this season was when he defended striker Diego Costa for his antics during a game against London rivals, Arsenal. When a journalist asked whether Costa should have been sent off, Mourinho put the hack in his place with a left-field reply with measured comic delivery. 

Most anticipated: Jeremy Corbyn's first speech as Labour Leader

Ever since his leadership election win, everyone has been keen to see whether Jeremy Corbyn really is the man to lead the Labour Party out of its slump.

Those expecting Corbyn to fail at the first hurdle were likely to be disappointed as it appears he negotiated his first hurdle successfully. At the time of writing there were over 81,000 tweets about his first speech on Twitter, and a Sky News poll suggested that 59 per cent of viewers were more likely to vote for him after watching him speak. Here are some of the highlights from the 60 minute address:

Most exciting: NASA’s discovery

"There’s evidence of water on Mars." NASA had the world buzzing after giving the strongest possible hint yet that humans are not alone in the universe. PRWeek wants to believe...

Most bizarre: Tyson Fury dresses up as Batman

It’s fair to say that nobody is likely to ever match the pre-bout entertainment provided by Muhammad Ali and boxing legends of days gone by, but British heavyweight Tyson Fury is trying his best to create must-see press conferences ahead of his fights.

This month, Fury arrived in a yellow Lamborghini dressed as a joke-shop Batman. He then went on to apprehend 'The Joker' midway through a bizarre press conference.

Such was the ridiculousness of the situation that even Fury’s opponent, reigning heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, couldn't help but crack a smile.

With the fight being postponed, we could be in for even more Fury shenanigans next year. We hope he upgrades to a better costume next time.

Most Inspiring: Ahmed Mohamed

Arrested after a clock he built was mistaken for a bomb at his school in Texas, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was catapulted to international fame.

After the charges against him were dropped, the teenager gave a press conference where he confirmed he would be accepting an invitation to the White House to meet President Obama, and said he would continue building things.

Biggest 'uh-oh' moment: BMW CEO faints

Plenty of things can go wrong during a press launch, but having your CEO faint on stage is surely the stuff of PR nightmares.

That’s exactly what happened when BMW CEO Harald Krueger took to the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show and collapsed five minutes into his presentation. Assistants rushed to help him off-stage and thankfully it was nothing serious.

Most watched (probably): Apple launch event

It has become an annual phenomenon – Apple holds an event at the beginning of September announcing a raft of products, and social media goes into meltdown with anticipation.

This year, the event dragged on longer than usual with Apple announcing a new iPad Pro and iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Although Apple might be performing better than ever in terms of sales, it’s clear it has yet to replace the showman that was Steve Jobs.

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