Top of the month: Jeremy Corbyn

After his dramatic victory in the Labour leadership election, PRWeek identifies Jeremy Corbyn as the top PR performer of the past month.

Top of the month: Jeremy Corbyn

The abysmal reputation of politics in the UK can be traced back to the adoption of what might be called 'the marketing paradigm' in politics during the 1980s.

Instead of saying "this is what I believe, vote for me," politicians ask "what do I have to say I believe in to get you to vote for me?"

Jeremy Corbyn brilliantly zagged during his leadership campaign while his mealy-mouthed leadership rivals zigged, by reintroducing conviction to British political discourse . And unlike his identikit rivals, who huddled round the political centre, Corbyn had a clear and distinctive positioning. 

He always spoke of "we" not "I" to emphasise his belief in the power of the collective. And he alone among the Labour candidates seems interested in challenging the neo-liberal (free-market) consensus that also emerged in the 1980s. His radical bandwagon has helped him circumvent the most entrenched opposition – not least the national press.

Although the straight-talking 66-year-old is clearly an analogue guy, he inspired a groundswell of digital support. His campaign has been hailed as the triumph of social media over corporate media and the first victory of what has been described as ‘the fifth estate’ over the fourth estate. 

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