Content and creative providing a revenue boom for Golin Singapore

Video case studies, multimedia blog content and brand identity work helping drive new business, according to creative boss

Ice work: Golin Singapore created these social media visuals for Cornetto

Golin Singapore’s content and creative work will grow from "negligible" to accounting for 15-20 per cent of overall revenue this year, in what has been described as a "coming of age" for the company’s G4 structure in the country.

According to executive creative director Shouvik Prasanna Mukherjee, the firm’s creative and content capabilities are now allowing it to pitch for work that would not be undertaken by a traditional PR firm.

"This is keeping with our ambition to be an integrated communications agency with public relations and digital at our core," he told PRWeek Asia.

"We started by creating social media posts and infographic press releases to taking on pieces of design work like designing tray mats for McDonalds, and currently we are getting a lot of content work from developing video case studies (an example of video work can be seen below), brand identity content and multimedia content for blogs. These are over and above the written content including essays, articles, blog posts, advertorials, anniversary booklets and conference show dailies," he added.

Under Golin’s G4 model, the team is structures along the lines of strategists, creators, connectors, and catalysts.

Mukherjee said the creative side of the agency was increasingly driving new business and then harnessing the expertise in the other "communities" to execute campaigns.

He pointed to additional content work being secured from existing clients such as McDonalds, Panasonic, Changi Airport and local public agencies.

New mandates undertaken by the team in Singapore - which is led by managing director Tarun Deo - include regional content work from Samsung and Volvo Trucks. It has also undertaken social media visual work for Magnum (see below).

"With the proliferation of digital, mobile and non-traditional channels, brands are increasingly seeing the potential to create interesting content to engage with their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

"This trend seems to be industry agnostic and we are catering to clients from consumer electronics, B2B technology, FMCG, healthcare to public sector agencies," Mukherjee said.

"Our content and creative work should make up about 15-20 per cent of our overall revenue this year. This was negligible at the start of 2015," he said.

The increase in workload has resulted in the creative team doubling in size to eight people, with more hires expected as business continues to grow.

"Our strategy has focused on pursuing the right opportunities and then it has been down to flawless execution so that you develop that key element of trust when the work speaks for itself. We are now seeing work won here being a feeder to traditional PR work, which is great for the team and the office in general," Mukherjee added.

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