Tech company chief executives elusive on social media

Tech company chief executives are almost as elusive on social media as those from the UK FTSE 100, according to a new study.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook is the most discussed on social media
Apple chief executive Tim Cook is the most discussed on social media

Only six chief executives of the top 10 NASDAQ tech companies are active on Twitter despite all of them having accounts, according to Talkwalker, which sifted through two million search results over the past three months.

Chuck Robbins, chief executive of Cicso, was most active on Twitter, with 79 tweets in the past three months. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, was in last place with no tweets from his account during the same time period.

However, Zuckerberg was second only to Tim Cook of Apple for the number of mentions of him by other social media users as well as share of the social conversation.

Cook received nearly 240,000 mentions in three months and 34 per cent of the conversation, while Zuckerberg had a little over 220,000 mentions and a 32 per cent share of conversation.

Cook was the most discussed in the US but Zuckerberg was the most internationally discussed.

Talkwalker also found that tech chief executives stay faithful to their own firms. Zuckerberg did not tweet or post on Google Plus but used Facebook to tell his 32.7 million followers about acquisitions and donations, while Google chief executive Larry Page avoided Twitter and Facebook, but used Google Plus irregularly to tell his 9.29 million followers about company news.

A previous study by Talkwalker found that only eight of the top FTSE 100 chief executives tweeted at all.

Robert Glaesener, chief executive of Talkwalker, said: "In the sharing economy, the ability to captivate an audience is now a critical component of the tech CEO’s skillset. But while more and more people flock to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, tech CEOs are still trying to work out the pros and cons of joining them."

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