In praise of the PR chaos

I recently went back to my old school to give a careers talk. So far, so glamorous.

Cut yourself some slack; you deserve it, writes Lottë Jones
Cut yourself some slack; you deserve it, writes Lottë Jones
And as my mind drifted, trying to remember what I actually got in my GCSEs, I looked out at the sea of keen faces and wondered why anyone would want to enter PR. 

Because we’ve done a pretty awesome job of creating a terrible PR campaign for ourselves in recent months. 

And it's not just me thinking it. It's fact. I did some PR maths on some PR stories in the PR press and worked out that the industry needs to cut itself some slack by about 100 per cent.

Look. We know working in PR has its weaknesses. But when I'm sat at my desk drinking four-day-old Chablis that tastes of fridge on a Thursday night, it’s fair to say I too forget to celebrate our industry’s strengths. 

So, my friends, here I am with a quick reminder why it ain't all bad: we know things that nobody else knows anything about. 

From working with a myriad of different clients I know the chemical composition of Tetrapack AND I have a loose understanding of what's going on in Emmerdale. I can create campaigns that make people genuinely feel affection for products or brands AND I know my Gorkana account manager's phone number off by heart. 

Nobody else knows all these things at once. 

We have our own language. We work in a world where a 'sell in' is both a noun and a verb. A 'Sunday for Monday’ is a passport to doing your job from your bed. Words like 'experiential' draw blank stares from your mates and once banal phrases like 'content' have assumed manna-like status. 

We get awarded at ceremonies you never knew existed. Always based in one of three esteemed London locations, there will be at least one award ceremony out there somewhere to honour the fact that your campaign was delivered and got some results. 

...and there are plenty of other great things too. So next time some clever dick makes a beleaguered reference to Edina Monsoon, don't forget the diversity of your days; the creativity you get to throw at problems; the brain work; the satisfaction of winning and, of course, the team bond and working environment I’m pretty sure is unparalleled. 

That’s right. The hashtag bantz, the fact we get paid to know what’s on the sidebar of shame, the satisfaction of knowing exactly when we've delivered great work: we have it pretty good. 

And it’s this delightful chaos that keeps us coming back for more. 

Lottë Jones is the founder of Surname & Surname

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