Seven things PR pros need to know on Thursday morning, 6.11.2015

Reddit bans five communities; Hillendale Farms responds to video showing poor chicken treatment; Nevada seeks PR help in four countries; Google to launch urban initiative; Bill to give up paid speeches if Hillary is elected.

1. Reddit banned five communities on Wednesday evening, including one subreddit called Fat People Hate that consisted of mocking photos of overweight people, as part of a new anti-harassment campaign. Executives said in a post that they are trying to balance free expression with the need for a friendlier site, saying, "We are banning behavior, not ideas." Angry users flooded the platform with unflattering images of obese people and Reddit CEO Ellen Pao on Wednesday night.

2. The Humane Society unveiled undercover footage on Wednesday night of poor conditions at chicken coops owned by Hillendale Farms, one of the largest egg producers in the country. The farm says such conditions — the video showed dead and decomposing chickens in full cages — aren’t normal for the company.

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3. Nevada’s Tourism Division is looking for PR help in four countries: France, Australia, India, and Brazil. The state wants to better reach the media, tour operators, travel agents, and consumers in those countries.

4. Former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday that he’ll stop doing paid speeches if his wife, Hillary Clinton, is elected. Critics have charged that paid speeches by both Bill and Hillary Clinton are a conflict of interest. On the other side of the aisle, GOP insiders dished to The Washington Post about how Jeb Bush’s campaign went off the rails early.

5. Google is launching an urban innovation company called Sidewalk Labs with the goal of improving life in cities. Former Bloomberg CEO Dan Doctoroff will run the company. Google CEO Larry Page took the wraps off the initiative on Wednesday night with a Google+ post, saying, "While this is a relatively modest investment and very different from Google's core business, it’s an area where I hope we can really improve people’s lives."

6. Interests on the left and right are using eerily similar messages to disparage President Barack Obama’s trade bill, which is set to go to a vote on Friday in the House of Representatives. Judson Phillips, the leader of Tea Party Nation, told The Wall Street Journal, "There are some areas where the guys on the left — unions and others — get it right, and this is one of those issues."

7. Twitter is planning to double its staff in Singapore over the next 24 months as it tries to boost its user base and number of advertisers in Asia. The platform is under pressure to boost revenue. 

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