Dramatise your data to win in business

I teach story seminars to creative fiction writers, screenwriters and directors. But over time, I saw many business executives sitting at my seminars.

Tell a good story, says Robert McKee (Credit: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
Tell a good story, says Robert McKee (Credit: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
They were there to learn the art of storytelling in order to regain the most valuable commodity in business: the customer’s ever-shortening attention span. 

Business has changed—traditional means of pitching and marketing are dead. It’s no longer good enough to present a data-heavy PowerPoint presentation and expect to win the pitch. 

It’s no longer good enough to simply tell your customers that you’re the best. Instead, you must inspire them to act – to hire your company or to buy your product. 

Filmmakers, screenwriters and directors know the power of a good story. Now, the business world has caught on. 

A well-told story will make the difference between success and failure for your company.

While data is fleeting, a compelling story is memorable. It does far more than entertain – it triggers an action in the listener.  Turning information into communication – that’s a story, and a compelling story can make customers and employees take action.

It would be a mistake to think you have to be a global brand to be a successful storyteller. Any company can improve its performance if its leaders master the purpose-told story for all strategic tasks. 

These include training, sales, budgeting and, especially, branding. 

Your brand is your reputation. If you don’t control your story and tell it powerfully, then someone else will do it for you, with less than flattering results. 

However, a powerful story needs talent, imagination and time to be conceived, created and perfected for its audience. 

Time is a luxury for most executives, but they must make the time to create and use powerful stories to cut through the noise.

Robert McKee is a speaker on storytelling and a consultant to film and television production companies

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