The Beeb was right to sack Clarkson

I actually quite enjoy Top Gear. I like the easy camaraderie and mocking that occurs between the three leads as it only can between people who've been actual friends for years.

Was it just Clarkson being Clarkson? asks Lizzie Barrett
Was it just Clarkson being Clarkson? asks Lizzie Barrett
I also understand how tempers can rise at work, especially in high-pressure environments where time is money and home comforts are scarce.

It doesn’t change the fact that the BBC was completely right to fire Jeremy Clarkson.

He brings in a lot of money. Top Gear wouldn’t be the success it is without him. But if I punched a colleague in the face tomorrow, I’d be fired. 

Businesses have a thing called a Code of Conduct, and it tends to frown upon acts such as embezzlement, fraud, sabotage and physical and verbal abuse.

It might have been a tempting proposition to just say, "it’s Clarkson being Clarkson", and not give in to "political correctness gone mad".

Until you think about the next person offered a job at the Beeb. 

"Come and work for us – just mind, you might get physically smacked around by the on-screen talent and we won’t lift a finger to reprimand them because they are more valuable than you are." 

Would you work for them? Part of the BBC's reputation is being a desired employer – not one where you keep a mouth guard on your desk, just in case.

When it comes down to it, we trust the BBC because it lives up to its values – which speak of putting audiences at the heart and delivering quality and value for money. 

If it didn’t live up to its last two values – respect for diversity and acting as one team – how could we trust the others were true? 

Its reputation is already taking a battering due to the 70s sexual abuse scandal that continues to unfold – it was supremely wise to cut off this scandal before it really started.

Lizzie Barrett is a specialist in employee engagement at Ogilvy PR

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