Francis Ingham and Robert Phillips go head-to-head on Twitter

PRCA director general Francis Ingham and 'Trust Me PR is Dead' author Robert Phillips have engaged in a heated Twitter brawl, after Ingham suggested that PR was not dead but "vibrant; growing; successful".

Twitter war: Robert Phillips vs Francis Ingham
Twitter war: Robert Phillips vs Francis Ingham

The argument started after Ingham responded to a tweet asking if Phillips' view that PR is dead was correct.

Phillips responded saying that Ingham had been "speaking to his navel again", to which Ingham reeled off the membership numbers of the PRCA and International Communications Consultancy Organisation. 

The two continued batting their views back and forth, with Phillips stating: "Metrics irrelevant. Accountability more important."

Then the Twitter spat moved away from facts and figures and started to get personal:

Ingham then said that Phillips had "lost the plot", to which he replied: "I may have lost the plot but i have at least maintained my manners."

It all got a bit too much for Phillips as he announced he had withdrawn from a debate at the PRCA as a result of the Twitter row. Ingham then stuck the knife in a bit further on the whole 'is PR dead?' issue:

Not wanting to lose face, Phillips suggested the two take part in a head-to-head debate on the issue, and Ingham was raring to go.

But to make things more interesting, Phillips suggested a wager with fairly high stakes:

Both parties were clearly keen to have the last word, and after Ingham confirmed that he had indeed read Phillips' book, the heated exchange seemed to shut down. 

The industry waits with bated breath for the two to take the spat off Twitter and deliver a public debate as promised. Watch this space.

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