Clinton email press conference raises more questions

Saying she deleted personal messages only further piqued the interest of reporters in attendance.

Hillary Clinton publicly addressed the state of her personal email account for the first time on Tuesday, telling the media that she deleted many personal messages and did not worry about the security of her server.

The deleted emails reportedly covered topics like her mother’s funeral, her daughter Chelsea’s wedding plans, and yoga routines, but the media in attendance at the United Nations in New York were skeptical that her actions were fully above-board.

The New York Times has video.

Clinton explained that she thought it would be more convenient to simply use her personal email address, which she believed was in line with State Department regulations at the time, but added that in hindsight, she probably should have used the government account. The former first lady added that the "vast majority" of her emails would have been stored anyway because she was sending them to staffers with government email addresses.

No classified information was shared with the president through her exchanges, Clinton said.

After opening up the session for questions, Clinton said her personal server was secure, set up for her husband, so she was not concerned that it could be compromised.

Aaron Kwittken, global chairman and CEO of the eponymous PR firm, told PRWeek that despite Clinton’s efforts Tuesday afternoon, "the damage is already done" due to her silence since the scandal broke. The episode could be a devastating blow to her candidacy, he added.

"As genius as she is, and as experienced as she is, I think her biggest weakness and deficit as a communicator is she comes off as a kind of hostile, resolute, inflexible, rigid type of individual almost in a defensive light, and I think it reduces her likeability," Kwittken explained. "I think most people would agree that her first and biggest mistake was waiting this long to address the issue. She should know her silence isn’t going to make this go away."

Members of the media and communications executives tweeted that Clinton has a lot more explaining to do.

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