The Guardian is most popular UK newspaper site on Twitter

The Guardian website receives the most tweets per week out of all UK newspapers, according to new research by Searchmetrics.

The Guardian: Most popular UK newspaper site on Twitter with more than 390,000 tweets per week
The Guardian: Most popular UK newspaper site on Twitter with more than 390,000 tweets per week

The study analysed the number of tweets per week generated by content from 11 UK newspaper websites, and found that The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail were in the top three.

According to the research, The Guardian website drives an average 392,358 tweets per week followed by The Daily Telegraph with 307,690 tweets per week and Daily Mail with 237,381 tweets per week.  

Searchmetrics also found that the most tweeted online newspaper article of 2014 was a Daily Mail story about a YouTube TV show that teaches dog owners how to make homemade pet food, which was tweeted nearly 77,000 times.

Marcus Tober, chief technology officer and founder of Searchmetrics, said: "Research indicates nearly three-fifths of Twitter's 15 million UK users follow at least one national newspaper brand or journalist. Twitter is an ideal tool for driving additional traffic to news content and our research indicates that many leading newspaper sites are succeeding in this area.

"Our list of the most tweeted stories indicates it’s not always the biggest and most high profile news stories that get the most tweets. Often it’s the quirkier stories or those with a human-interest angle that catch people’s imagination and go viral."  

Here is the full list of the most popular UK newspaper websites on Twitter:

  1. The Guardian (392,358 tweets per week)
  2. The Daily Telegraph (307,690 tweets per week)
  3. Daily Mail (237,381 tweets per week)
  4. The Independent (214,868 tweets per week)
  5. Daily Mirror (113,194 tweets per week)
  6. Financial Times (61,065 tweets per week)
  7. Daily Express (24,165 tweets per week)
  8. Daily Record (11,107 tweets per week)
  9. The Times (8,772 tweets per week)
  10. Daily Star (6,556 tweets per week)
  11. The Sun (3,531 tweets per week)

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