Boden: Five trends for Hispanic social media in 2015

Trends to watch in Hispanic social media marketing next year.

Boden: Five trends for Hispanic social media in 2015

Want to rock Hispanic social media in 2015? Brands looking to take their engagement with the US Hispanic consumer to the next level in the upcoming year must remember two things: it’s about the right influencer and the right content.

1. The continued rise of influencers: 
Brands looking to engage with the US Hispanic consumer – especially on social – must know the influencers who can create creative, authentic, and culturally relevant content. By seamlessly weaving in the brand, influencers can communicate your message in a way that feels natural and non-disruptive.

Among the rising influencers in the Hispanic space are Viners, such as LeJuan James, Rudy Mancuso, and Matthew Windey. They combine humor and culture to make you, your mom, and even your abuelita laugh.

2. Creating content that will speak to them
Brands must also develop owned content that’s relevant to the US Hispanic consumer by leveraging their passion points in conjunction with key moments in time, such as this summer’s FIFA World Cup and November’s Latin Grammy Awards. Brands looking to engage with consumers during these televised events must stay ahead of the curve by developing predictive content that can be seeded out in real time.

3. Humor and culture will blend
Brands take note from our beloved Viners – blending humor and culture is one of the best ways to reach the US Hispanic consumer. It’s important that this be done well and tastefully, and that it matches your brand’s online voice. Even the smallest error or stereotype can land you in the middle of a PR crisis – and there’s nothing funny about that.

4. Driving in-store traffic with influencers: 
The US Hispanic consumer relies on family, friends, and influencers for recommendations on where to shop, what to eat, and more. Brands looking to drive in-store traffic – and ultimately sales – must partner with relatable influencers in a genuine way.

Television personalities, such as Barbara Bermudo, can help share brand messages in a way that is true to their own styles and fans. This is especially important during key seasons like back-to-school and holiday.

5. Investing in influencers: 
By investing in influencers as spokespeople, brands show a commitment to helping them grow in their careers in a way that’s mutually beneficial. More than one-off opportunities, these become partnerships that set the stage for future work and initiatives. Whether the brand is investing in musicians, artists, or comedians, giving up-and-coming talent an opportunity to shine is key. 

Natalie Boden is founder and managing director of Boden PR.

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