Lord Bell: "Putin is a good person"

Putin is a "good person", it does not matter whether we stay in or leave Europe and PR is a form of showbusiness, according to a talk given by Lord Bell.

Lord Bell: "Putin is a good person"
Bell was speaking at a PRCA event at Richmond University, in Kensington, to promote his memoirs.
He told his audience of 200: "Putin is a good person, he just happens to be rather violent. Angela Merkel keeps flirting with him but he will in the end stab her."

On Europe, Bell was dismissive of the enterprise and said he did not think Britain should be a part of it.
He said: "It wouldn't matter a damn if we stay in or we go. It's going to be there whatever we do. It's a superpower without an army."

According to Bell, David Cameron has a problem unifying his party. He described him as "a wet" on the left of his party.

He said: "He believes in social justice and all that kind of rubbish", and that the problem with ‘political correctness’ was that people were no longer allowed to speak their minds, adding that "people talk about immigration, but what they're actually talking about is overcrowding".

Bell described the advertising pioneer Sir Frank Lowe as an "impresario" and extended this description to people who work in the PR industry.

He said: "Advertising and PR is showbusiness. Someone who handles an account is an impresario."
Bell accused journalists of embellishing stories and said you could cut "90 per cent of the copy" and still have as much information.

He said: "There's no news in the real world. If people printed the news as it really is, the stories wouldn't be very interesting. They have to embellish stories. They don't tell a story exactly as it happens."

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