How Interbrand's top 10 stack up on social media

PRWeek looks at how Interbrand's top 10 most valuable brands match up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Interbrand released its 2014 rankings of the most valuable brands this week, with technology-sector giants Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung all in the top 10, along with Coca-Cola, GE, Toyota, McDonald’s, and Mercedes-Benz.

Here’s a look at how the top brands’ values compare with their social media followings, with the notably Twitter-abstinent Apple leading the pack.

1. Apple
Brand value: $118.9 billion, up 21%
Facebook: 498,250 likes
Twitter: No account
Instagram: No account

2. Google
Brand value: $107.4 billion, up 15%
Facebook: 664,621 likes for; 18.6 million for verified Google company page
Twitter: 9.08 million followers
Instagram: 109,344 followers

— A Googler (@google) October 8, 2014

3. Coca-Cola
Brand value: $81.6 billion, up 3%
Facebook: 89.2 million likes
Twitter: 2.7 million followers
Instagram: 330,834 followers

4. IBM
Brand value: $72.2 billion, down 8%
Facebook: 383,620 likes; 52,971 likes for IBM Watson
Twitter: 125,000 followers; 46,900 followers for IBM Watson
Instagram: 7,051 followers

5. Microsoft
Brand value: $61.2 billion, up 3%
Facebook: 5.7 million likes
Twitter: 5.5 million followers
Instagram: No corporate account; 359,538 followers for Xbox

6. GE
Brand value: $45.5 billion, down 3%
Facebook: 1.3 million likes
Twitter: 267,000 followers
Instagram: 178,020 followers

Post by GE.

7. Samsung
Brand value: $45.5 billion, up 15%
Facebook: 27 million likes for Samsung Mobile USA; 40.1 million likes for Samsung Mobile; 1.3 million likes for Samsung USA
Twitter: 9.63 million for Samsung Mobile; 449,000 for Samsung USA
Instagram: 107,814 followers for Samsung Mobile; 9,762 followers for Samsung USA; 18,004 followers for Samsung Mobile USA

8. Toyota
Brand value: $42.4 billion, up 20%
Facebook: 2.2 million likes (Toyota USA)
Twitter: 377,000 followers (Toyota USA)
Instagram: 96,494 followers (Toyota USA)

9. McDonald’s
Brand value: $42.3 billion, up 1%
Facebook: 44.7 million likes; 12.8 million visits
Twitter: 2.56 million followers
Instagram: 345,696 followers

10. Mercedes-Benz
Brand value: $34.3 billion, up 8%
Facebook: 16.5 million likes
Twitter: 745,000 followers for Mercedes-Benz; 372,000 followers for Mercedes-Benz USA
Instagram: 1.2 million followers for Mercedes-Benz; 170,842 followers for Mercedes-Benz, USA

Note: All social media statistics were at about 11:45 am EST.

This article was updated on October 9 to correct the monetary values of some listed brands from millions of dollars to billions. We regret the error.

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