Hit or Miss? Richard Branson vaunts Virgin Group unlimited holiday policy

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has penned a blog titled 'Why we're letting Virgin staff take as much holiday as they want'.

Richard Branson: Virgin staff can take as much holiday as they want
Richard Branson: Virgin staff can take as much holiday as they want

The blog, which is actually an excerpt from Branson’s new book ‘The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership’, was picked up by several newspapers.

Does the policy – adopted from Netflix but applying for now only to the 170 staff at Virgin Group – position Branson in the vanguard of business practice or is it just an attention-grabbing tactic for his new book?

How I See It

Mike Morgan, CEO, The Red Consultancy

Richard Branson’s stock-in-trade, the hammy photo op, is less effective these days – particularly when there's a business book – ‘The Virgin Way’ – to promote. So a bold, only Branson, piece of rule-breaking business innovation it is then.
Hence 'take as much holiday as you like' is our business buccaneer's new headline-hogger but it’s really hippie hokum.   
The 'as long as you get your work done' caveat is the downer – perhaps not as much of a downer as that likely being experienced by the HR people in the trains, planes and media divisions having to fend off internal enquiries about this brave new dawn.
Interestingly this ‘new’ idea was actually deployed by a London PR agency a few years ago. Everyone took less holiday, and it was shelved.
Take John Lydon’s advice kids; never trust a hippie.

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