Habits: Evernote's Ronda Scott on why it never hurts to ask

Ronda Scott, senior director of communications and content, Evernote, discusses Star Wars, second guessing, and apps.

Morning ritual
I am not a morning person.

My ritual is do whatever it takes to make it to that first cup of coffee. More seriously, it involves scanning Facebook, which I use to follow publications and journalists more than anything, and responding to emails from people in our global offices.

First website or app checked in the morning
Aside from Gmail, it is probably the game Wordfeud.

Required reading
Dave Pell’s NextDraft and whatever new magazines have hit my Next Issue app.

Best career advice
"It never hurts to ask." Whether that is for a meeting with a top-tier journalist, more of a partnership, or for a raise, it really never hurts to ask.

Biggest surprise on your smartphone
My lack of apps. I only have a few that I cannot live without.

Most distinct aspect of your personal office
Evernote has an open floor plan from the CEO down, so no office. Between meetings and lots of drop-in places to work, the most distinct aspect of my desk is my empty chair.

First PR or marketing job
A dream job for anyone who grew up with Star Wars: Publicist for Star Wars Galaxies and a few other LucasArts titles. 

I was not a big Star Wars fan going into the job, but gained a serious appreciation for how those stories and that genre influenced popular culture for generations. I am thankful for the challenges in that job, too. Even though lots of people pick up the phone for Star Wars, so many of the stories had already been told.

Proudest career achievement
Any time I get a call from a reporter for background comment or information on an industry I have not worked in for several years. It means I have done my job of knowing an industry pretty well.

Ideal day off
A hike in Point Reyes, California, my happy place.

Most regrettable career moment
Anytime second guessing has led to decision paralysis.

Guilty TV pleasure
Sons of Anarchy, hands down. Great actors and characters with so many goofy plots – it is definitely a guilty pleasure.

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