Pizza Hut uses 'shortest press release ever' as recipe to launch bacon cheese stuffed crust pie

Pizza Hut cooked up a 136-character statement quoting country music star Blake Shelton to promote its new Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza on Tuesday. Its launch was also timed for the beginning of football season.

Pizza Hut uses 'shortest press release ever' as recipe to launch bacon cheese stuffed crust pie

PLANO, TX: Pizza Hut distributed what it claims is the "world’s shortest press release" to introduce consumers and the media to its Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza on Tuesday.

"’There’s bacon. In the crust! You’re welcome, America!’ said country music superstar and Stuffed Crust pizza aficionado Blake Shelton," reads its text. Minus its dateline, the release totals 19 words.

"If ever there was a product innovation that we think is pretty simple once you see it and hear about it, we think the Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is it, so we think that simply stating it was an effective way to communicate what it is," explained Pizza Hut PR director Doug Terfehr.

The Yum Brands chain also chose to develop a very concise release based on its relationships with journalists, who don’t always read a full press release, he added.

"We communicate very much in 140 characters, so this is our way of addressing some of the behaviors that we see when we interact with media anyway," said Terfehr. "You typically can get the point pretty quickly, and we think this product in a quick explanation gets you there."

The text of the release consists of 134 characters, just under the wire of Twitter’s 140-character limit.

The short explanation worked well with consumers during the testing phrase of the Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza’s development, he added.

Pizza Hut launched the product online last Thursday, then delivered pizza to select media outlets and bloggers and posted on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday, when aficionados celebrate International Bacon Day.  

The brand also posted on Twitter about the product on Tuesday, after the brief release.

On Thursday and Friday, Pizza Hut will offer consumers large pizzas for $7. Terfehr said this week is an ideal time to introduce a pizza because Thursday is the start of the National Football League’s season, which is a prime pizza-eating time.

Pizza Hut is also working with brand ambassador Blake Shelton to promote the bacon-infested pie. The country musician will star in TV commercials for the brand and deliver some "unique social content" and digital videos, said Terfehr.

Zeno Group, the brand’s PR agency partner, has supported Pizza Hut with traditional media outreach for the effort.

"Truly this is a product in many ways we think fits in with the trend of the love of bacon that we certainly have here in America," added Terfehr.

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